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Self-Defense StreetWise Wednesdays are a GO!

We are starting a new program on Wednesday nights for those who want to learn self-defense but do not have the time or the desire to enroll in a belt ranked martial arts system. Your wishes are granted. We are beginning our new StreetWise Self Protection Program.

This will be a reality-based training program which will bring you from zero skill to proficiency in a short amount of time. We are keeping instruction and skill sets simple, effective, and practical. THIS IS NOT YOUR CHILD'S KARATE CLASS. THIS IS AN ADULT BASED PROGRAM WHICH ADDRESSES ADULT NEEDS AND CAPABILITIES. THIS CLASS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. It is ok for Mature Teens.

You will experience increasing intensity and unpredictability in our training sessions in order to establish muscle memory in a real-as- can-be experience with non-compliant opposition. We will cover car-jackings, muggings, knife attacks, and multiple attackers all in a scenario based environment. These aren't karate lessons, and this isn't MMA.

Whether you have trained in a traditional martial art, or have no experience at all, this program will give you the StreetWise mindset and tactics you need to be safe. Classes start at 7:15pm. Call RI SELF-DEFENSE CENTER at 401-949- 5600 or leave a message to find out more.

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