Self Defense Program In Johnston, RI

Is your child going to college? Do you work late at night? The need for men and women to protect themselves is real.  Many people do not have time to commit themselves to train three days a week for years but do want to learn how to defend themselves.  Register for a self-defense program in Johnston, RI, such as the “StreetWise” self-protection program. RI Self-Defense Center holds classes every Wednesday at 7:15 pm, and we break it down to what works in various scenarios.


We also offer some of the best Self-Defense and Women's Self-Defense workshops in RI.  Customize a 1, 2, or 3 class seminar series that best suits your needs.  Private and group sessions are available.  We are happy to help you in a relaxed environment. We can even come to you.  Book your workshop today.

2018 Summer College Seminar Series‚Äč
Tuesday: August 7 or August 14
7 pm
Going to college is an exciting experience.  We have kept our kids safe for the past 18 years and have taught them right from wrong.  Unfortunately, when they go to college and embark on a new life journey, they escape from our safety.  Did you do all you can do to prepare them to stay as safe as possible? Do they have the skill-set to recognize and escape a dangerous situation? 1 in 5 females in college will be involved in an assault. Give yourself added peace of mind that you helped prepare them for experiences outside of the classroom.  
Enroll your daughter in one of our College Safety Seminars.  Each workshop will teach situational awareness skills, avoidance tactics, violence recognition, and self-defense skills to help them if needed.  Sleep better at night knowing you really did do all that you could to prepare your daughter for college. The workshop is just over 2 hours long and the class size will be small to ensure skill acquisition.  Fill in the date of choice in the registration link.

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