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RI Self-Defense Center Offers Kids Martial Arts In Johnston, RI​​


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Two students grappling on the dojo mat
Kids Karate


Kids join karate schools for various reasons. Some join to learn how to deal with bullies and some join to gain self-confidence. Our kid’s martial arts in Johnston, RI teaches values such as focus, discipline, honesty, and confidence through fun but meaningful instruction. Students learn real self-defense and conflict resolution that works. We stress that fighting isn't the only and most appropriate way to handle confrontation.


Martial Arts is a way of life and actually reinforces a humble and peaceful character. Come to meet our family and see why families like the Kenpo-Kobudo Way...


We may be the only dojo in RI that is owned and operated by a certified and employed Physical Education Teacher.  Sensei Michael Orsini is a PE teacher in the town of Lincoln and brings his teaching expertise to the mat. Michael teaches all the Johnston Kids Karate classes and makes sure that lessons are developmentally appropriate for all abilities.


We take pride in our child students and through hard work and practice, they in turn, learn to take pride in themselves.  Our dojo facilitates the development of Character, Discipline, Focus, and Respect in a FUN and SAFE manner.  Students test when they are ready, and not every 2 months. This is not a race, and students really get a sense of achievement when they actually work hard and earn their belt, rather than buying it.


Johnston Little Kicker's Program:

3.5-6 Year olds.

Focuses on age appropriate loco-motor skills and following directions.  We like to refer to this as  a PE class with a martial art theme. This is a fun class that gives the kids just what they need developmentally, to ensure both challenge and success. Class size is limited to 15 students.  

Soke-Dai Mike teaching the Little Kicker Class
Johnston Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts Program gives older students of all ages the tools and techniques needed to effectively defend oneself in a practical and real-life situation. Much emphasis is focused on basic fundamentals of fighting and defense, as well as grappling, throws, empty hand/weapon defense and avoidance tactics.

Students taking karate lessons for beginners also learn multiple Kata and Hand to Hand techniques that have proven themselves effective over time and through trial in the dojo and on the street. RI Self-Defense Center is highly adaptable to meet any body type and ability. Everybody starts as a beginner and our curriculum builds upon itself reinforcing the body's natural progression of learning.

Our goal is to make YOU both confident and able to DEFEND yourself and your family in a dangerous situation. Men and Women alike are part of our family and trust us to teach them real Martial Arts. Come to see what sets us apart from other self-defense programs in RI.

StreetWise Self-Protection Class


RI Self-Defense offers an awesome self-defense program on Wednesday nights.  The class provides you with a fast track to the basic skill-set needed to survive an attack on the street.  We provide realistic training in a safe and gradually intensive environment to get you to the skills needed in the quicker time frame. We work in and outside the facility to establish muscle memory in different environments for when violence pops off.  


Our program will give you the knowledge to recognize, respond, and react to various threats that may endanger you and your loved ones.  This class is for teens and up, considering the violent nature of the situations.  We cover muggings, assaults, carjackings, knife and other weapon attacks.  


Can't make Wednesday Class? Book a private lesson or seminar.


We offer both group and private self-defense lessons in Johnston and all of RI.  We frequently do seminars and will help you set-up a customized workshop that specifically suits your needs for yourself, family, workplace, or church group.  Our instructors relate to our clients and will give you the tools needed to recognize a threat, defend, and increase chances of escape.  


Whether you're looking for Women's Self-Defense or techniques to make your police work more effective,  you can be confident that we can help.  You don't have to be a helpless victim.  Give yourself and your loved ones the skillset to remain safe.  Call to set up a self-defense workshop.

Johnston Karate Lessons For Beginners /Advanced Kids Karate Class
Ages 6- 12

The students in our Johnston martial arts training center learn and have fun doing it.  Our KIDS program accepts all students with various abilities starting between the ages of 5-6 and teaches the basics of what True Martial Arts Ideals are all about.


Students learn fundamentals such as stance, posture, striking, kicking, blocking and sparring. Your son or daughter will acquire the confidence, discipline, focus, and respect he or she will need to grow into adulthood in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. Our small class ratios are designed to work with students at any level.  


Students in this program work hard toward their Junior Black Belt, and from there transition into the adult program where they work towards their Adult Black Belt.  Hard work teaches our kids that success is earned and not bought.  We love our kids as if they were our own.

Teaching some of the best Kenpo and Jiu Jitsu in Johnston and RI.

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Joe Parillo and Mike Perez receiving their black belts
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