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Self-Defense From Frontal Threat

Hey Folks. So this technique of the week is a defense from a frontal threat. This is meant to be used to defend against an individual that is coming toward you, and you feel that physical defense is necessary. Again, this technique may be used assuming that all alternatives to physical defense have been exhausted, and you feel that you are in immediate threat and must defend yourself. The key to this defense, is to utilize the element of surprise by pushing your opponents own hands into his face. Immediately after that, you follow up with an array of strikes to incapacitate the assailant and make space for a safe escape.

There are many follow-ups you can do after the initial set of strikes. What comes natural to you as a result of your training will be different from another. Call us if you are interested in taking your training to another level of efficiency. Train Hard, Fight Easy!

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