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Soke Eugene Coutu
Founder of Kenpo Kobudo Karate

Soke’s Martial Arts career began in 1967 at the age of 17 when he entered the Marines. Promoted to Sergeant, he received a Presidential Citation for his exemplary service in battle.

Returning home in 1970, Soke began his formal training in 1971 under the tutelage of Frank Cerio. After earning his brown belt in 1976, he was introduced to and began training with Nick Cerio. By 1984 Soke was the Chief Instructor for Nick Cerio’s Kenpo International.

In addition to earning his Black Belt in Judo in 1997 under Prof. John Wooten of the US Judo Federation, Soke furthered his studies under Professor Talib Muhammed. In April of 1998 Soke was awarded his 8th degree Black Belt and the title of Professor in Kenpo-Kobudo.

In March of 2000, Soke Coutu was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (WMAHOF) when he received the Headmaster of the Year Award, Grandmaster of the Year Award and was further honored to receive his Doctorate of Martial Arts. PhD. Soke Coutu now sits on the Executive Board of the WMAHOF. In July of 2001 Grandmaster Soke Eugene Coutu was awarded his 10th Degree.

Soke-Dai Michael Orsini
Inheritor of Kenpo Kobudo Karate

Michael Orsini started his martial arts life at the age of nine with Soke Eugene Coutu. At 15 ½ years old, Michael successfully tested for his adult Black Belt. He was the first in his system to reach that milestone before the age of 16.

In addition to training under Soke Coutu, Michael has also spent time training in the arts of Tai Jitsu and Aiki-Jitsu with Soke John Rubiano as well as Kumi-Uchi Ju-Jutsu with Hachidan David Lindsay. He also has spent some time with Tom Sotis, founder of AMOK!. Michael has a vast array of knowledge in many different forms of fighting and is consistently expanding his horizons by actively seeking out new things to add to his repertoire.

In 2009, Soke-Dai Michael Orsini took over Kenpo Kobudo Karate and is persistent on keeping the traditions and ideals of Kenpo Kobudo Karate intact.

Shihan Alan Reedy
Senior Instructor of Kenpo Kobudo Karate

Alan Reedy began his martial arts career in 1977 at the age of 18 years old. Prior to joining Grandmaster Coutu in 1992, Alan had 15 years of martial arts experience, training in a multitude of styles including Kajukenpo, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Shaolin Kempo and Jiu-Jitsu. Due to this prior experience, Alan is the first and only person to have achieved the level of Black Belt in the Kenpo Kobudo Karate system in less than 4 years of continuous training. Through the efforts and alliances of Grandmaster Coutu, Shihan Alan has expanded his training in the arts of Philippine Kali Stick Fighting, Knife Fighting, Judo, Aikido, Vee-Arnis Jitsu, Tai-jitsu and Aiki-jitsu.

Alans' experience in self defense goes beyond traditional martial arts and has been enhanced by his career in Law Enforcement. During his tenure with the Rhode Island State Prison system, Alan was trained in restraint holds, spontaneous knife defense, handcuffing techniques, nightstick, PR-24, ASP baton techniques and Pressure Point Control Tactics. He was further certified as a Police Firearms Instructor, Sniper Instructor, and was the founder the Departments' SWAT Team.

Shihan Alan Reedy has been inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame and The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In 2008, Alan was awarded his Doctorates of Martial Arts Philosophy &  Martial Arts Science (Ph.D./Ma. D.Sc), by the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies, through the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Kenpo-Kobudo Karate 

Family Tree

9th Degree

Don Culp

8th Degree

Soke-Dai Michael Orsini  (Active)

7th Degree

Alan Reedy  (Active)

5th Degree

Tom Sotis
Alan Fortes
Michael Beaver  (Active)
Chris Gentile  (Active)
Robert Card  (Active)

Brian Hawkins

4th Degree

James McKenzie
Leroy Mattatal

3rd Degree

William Giardina
Greg Grutter
John Griffin
Michael Benson
Anna Sirago
Diane Isabella

Merry Hayes (Active)

2nd Degree

Andrew Fortes
Jeffery Sausier
Kevin Barrett
William Purcell
Michael Cianci
Ray Tomasso
Lenny McDonald
Carlene Parrillo

Michael Martufi
Dan Cook
Tom Marfeo
Derek Coyne

Ian Dillon
Frank Reedy  (Active)

Ryan Franklin  (Active)

Lisa Borges (Active)

1st Degree

Steve Coelho
Amanda Dolan
Candace Sousa
Michael Day
Bob Brassard
William Hallbauer III
Matthew Cesario
James Garis

Earl Barlow
Rob Gruttadauria
Michael Reilly
John Andosia Jr.
Asa Spring
Kurt Deion
Kyle Santos 
Michael Perez  (Active)
Joe Parillo  (Active)

Nathan Mellor
Vaughn Thurber

Michael Tarateta  (Active)



This page is devoted in Honor and Loving Memory to Soke Coutu's Friend, Hero and First Instructor, Frank Cerio. 1943 – 2004

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