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Kenpo Kobudo-Karate

Our 2 main leaders in our dojo, Michael Orsini and Eugene Coutu.

Leading Adult RI Karate since 1982

Kenpo in RI has been the go to martial art for years.  Birthed from Founding Fathers such as James Mitose and Ed Parker, Kenpo has had  a foothold on the East Coast and pioneered and further developed by individuals such as George Pesare, Peter Gregrory, and Nick Cerio.  Other masters of the arts further developed the systems to make them more well-rounded and complete.  

Our system of Kenpo gets its roots from the masters named above, and adapted and modernized by Eugene Coutu.

Eugene has a system of Kenpo unlike others and is heavily devoted to self-defense that works.  Through fighting, sparring, blocking/striking, and kata; a practioner will get the skillset needed to be successful when it counts.

Kenpo Kobudo-Karate will give you:

  • Real confidence through skill

  • Opposition to assess your development

  • Empty hand and weapon skills

  • Grappling Skills

  • Traditional weapons (Bo, Nunchukau, Sword, Sai)

  • A no back down fighting spirit!

  • A family that will always have your back!

When you get a BLACK BELT from us, you earned it and have a skillset to back it up!

Contact us to take your training seriously and make an everlasting impact in all aspects of your life

Student doing a side blade kick.
2 students sparring.
Adult students working out at the dojo together.
3 instructors at the dojo.
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