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Kid's Martial Arts

In Johnston, RI

Great Kids Become Great Adults

We all want our kids to gain cofidence and be independent.  Life is tough and martial arts help kids deal with those tough life experiences.  We give kids the tools they need to become able successful adults. Kids Karate is one of the best activities for youth.


Our kid’s martial arts in Johnston, RI enhance:

  • Focus,

  • Discipline,

  • Honesty,

  • Individuality,

  • Self-Pride, and

  • Self-Control.

What we Teach

We teach kids how to be tough, respectful, and polite.  Kids learn that effort = reward and success in life.


This is done through teaching an effective self-defense program that works if kids need it. Fighting is the last means of self-defense, and in addition to kicking, punching, and various releases from grabs; our kids also learn de-escalating tactics and verbal communication skills that stick with them for years.


Students who commit time to our facility do better in school, get in less trouble, are respectful, and succeed in life. We have been open for 30 years and have seen our students grow up to be nurses, police officers, teachers, engineers, and other positive influences on society.  We take pride in being part of their development.


Our Instructors are certified and highly qualified. Owner and Chief Instructor, Michael Orsini, is not only a 7th-degree black belt but also certified by the RI Department of Education to teach children.  He has taught Physical Education for the Town of Lincoln, RI for the past 17 years.  His staff puts kid's needs first and it's our goal to help them meet their goals.


Our dojo really is a family and we take pride in having one of the best kids karate classes in RI. 


Great Kids Become Great Adults

Johnston Little Kicker's Program:
Ages 4 - 6


The Johnston Little Kicker's Program focuses on age appropriate loco-motor skills and following directions. We like to refer to this as a PE class with a martial art theme. This class is fun and gives the kids just what they need developmentally, to ensure both challenge and success. Class size is limited to 10 students.  

Johnston Beginner/ Kids Karate Program:
Kids Karate Class

Kids Karate Class

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Ages 6- 12

The class is where the magic happens.  The students in our Johnston kid’s martial arts learn and have fun doing it.  Our KIDS program accepts all students with various abilities starting between the ages of 5-6 and teaches the basics of what True Martial Arts Ideals are.

Kids are distracted from the true values of life nowadays.  Video games, television, and social media clash with values and character that we want to instill in our children.  This class brings it all back to the kids in a positive and uplifting environment that brings the best out of every kid.  Don't you want your child to be the best they can be?  


Students learn fundamentals such as stance, posture, striking, kicking, blocking and sparring. Your son or daughter will acquire the confidence, discipline, focus, and respect he or she will need to grow into adulthood in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. Our small class ratios are designed to work with students at any level.  


Students in the karate lessons for beginners program work hard toward their Junior Black Belt, and from there transition into the adult program where they work towards their Adult Black Belt.  Hard work teaches our kids that success is earned and not bought. Students test when they are ready, and we never sell our belts like some "karate black belt factories." We love our kids as if they were our own and will never mislead them or their families.

Sign up for a trial and see how we can work together to give your son or daughter the confidence, skill, and perseverance that will last a lifetime!

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