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"Predict, Prepare, and Protect"



Keep Your Family Safe and Give Your Kids the Skills Needed to Be a Survivor and NOT a Victim.

StreetWise Self-Protection is made for YOU!!!

What is StreetWise Self-Protection

A Defense System that teaches you to: 

  • Look Strong

  • Recognize Threats

  • Use Verbal and Non-Verbal tools to de-escalate

  • Establish Boundaries

  • Assess Criminal Intentions

  • Utilize Good Situational Awareness

  • Learn Effective Offensive and Defensive Tactics that WORK


Designed to get you PROTECTED in as LITTLE time possible


Get the CONFIDENCE you always wanted and learn how to predict, prevent, and hit hard!!!

StreetWise Self-Protection 

Focuses on:

  • De-Escalation Techniques

  • Cues of an Attack

  • How to Disrupt an Assailant's Plan

  • Muggings

  • Multiple Attackers

  • Weapon Defense

  • Car Jackings

  • Rape Prevention


This You?

You ever experience something you didn't expect it and later say, "Damn, I wish I was prepared for that!"  According to statistics, you or someone you know will be involved in a violent crime at some point in your life.  Don't you think you should know what to look out for to help prevent it? Shouldn't you be able to recognize when something bad might happen? How you would you respond? How would you react? Most of us don't know what what is happening until it's too late, and most of us freeze.  We do not think like criminals, because most of us aren't criminals. 


Our StreetWise Defense Program in Johnston, RI gives you the skills you need to get need ready as quickly as possible. 


The Skills you Learn in StreetWise Self-Defense Class in Johnston, RI:

  • Are simple and easy to become street-ready as quickly as possible.

  • are effective

  • are pressure tested to make sure the work.

  • are meant for adults only.

  • create muscle memory to work when needed.

  • deal with edged and blunt weapons.

  • work against car jackings, muggings, multiple attackers, and close range scenarios.

  • teach you how to prevent a something from happening.

  • are not fancy and work!


Wednesdays at 7:15pm

StreetWise Self-Protection Class


RI Self-Defense offers the best self-defense in RI on Wednesday nights.  The class provides you with a fast track to the basic skill-set needed to survive an attack on the street.  We provide realistic training in a safe and gradually intensive environment to get you to the skills needed in the quicker time frame. We work in and outside the facility to establish muscle memory in different environments for when violence pops off.  


Our program will give you the knowledge to recognize, respond, and react to various threats that may endanger you and your loved ones.  This class is for teens and up, considering the violent nature of the situations.  We cover muggings, assaults, carjackings, knife and other weapon attacks.  


Can't make Wednesday Class? Book a private lesson or seminar.


We offer both private and group self-defense lessons, as well as women self-defense classes, in Johnston and all of RI.  We frequently do seminars and will help you set-up a customized workshop that specifically suits your needs for yourself, family, workplace, or church group.  Our instructors relate to our clients and will give you the tools needed to recognize a threat, defend, and increase chances of escape.  


Whether your're looking for Women's Self-Defense, or techniques to make your police work more effective,  you can be confident that we can help.  You don't have to be a helpless victim.  Give yourself and your loved ones the skillset to remain safe.  Call to set up a self-defense workshop.

The best Reality Based Self-Defense in RI!

Book a Private Workshop
StreetWise Self-Protection Workshop
  • Great for Individuals, Small Groups, or even Corporate Events. 

  • The Ins and Outs that we overlook or just don't know about keeping safe and responding with a purpose!

  • Our Flagship program!

Women's Self-Defense Workshop
  • Learn to not be an easy target.

  • Get the skills to maintain boundaries in a Practical and Effective manner. 

  • Learn to assess criminal intentions

  • Know how to speak to a criminal.

  • Apply concepts through realistic scenarios.

College Camus Safety Workshop

Making sure our Kids stay safe in College while getting the most of the experience is a Parent's main concern.  We take pride in helping you accomplish that. 

Topics Covered:

  • Commuting to Class Safely

  • Establishing Dorm Room Rules with Roommate

  • Creating a Roommate safety plan

  • Partying Smart

  • Establishing Boundaries

  • Using our Voice as a weapon

  • How to Cover and Block

  • How to Hit HARD

  • Pressure Test with Scenarios

Child Safety and Bullying

Kids are the most delicate and naïve victims that exist.  Bad guys know this. 


We help our kids:

  • Set Boundaries

  • Stay Alert 

  • Understand how they have more power than they think.  

  • Block

  • Hit

  • Basic Wrestling for Control

  • How to get HELP!

Scenario Defense Simulation

This ALL HANDS ON workshop covers Muggings, Hold-ups,  Multiple Attackers, Car-Jackings, Elevator Crimes, Stairway Attacks, and more.  Fun and Effective!!!

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