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Congratulations, you found one of the best specialists in instruction in martial arts, karate, and self-defense classes in RI since 1987.  Our credible Instructors have been providing Johnston and the surrounding communities with excellent karate lessons for beginners, kid's karate, women's self-defense, and adult martial arts, and reality based self defense for the last 30 years!


Besides teaching Kenpo in RI, our Instructors are also certified in Jiu-Jitsu,Street Self-Defense, and also in licensed Amok! Knife as well.   Our facility offers a self-defense program for everyone and ego and intimidation has no home here. Everyone is welcome.


Whether you are looking for a Traditional Martial Arts Program, College Self-Defense, Womens' Self-Defense, Self-Defense for Your Employees, or setting a up a workshop for your organization or town, We at RI Self-Defense Center will meet your needs with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Register for a free class today! 




4:20pm (Mon) Kids Beginners

5:15m Kids beginners

6:15 pm Kids Adv

7:15pm Adults


4:30 Lil' Kickers (Ages 4-5)

StreetWise Wednesdays

7:15pm Adults


7:15pm Adults


9am-12pm Privates

Our Dojo is Family
No Contracts
No Pushy Sales Gimmicks
No Ego
No Scams
515 Greenville Ave. Johnston, RI 02919
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RI Self-Defense Center - Karate Lessons For Beginners
Fun Group Classes for All Ages
Womens Self Defense in RI
Private Self-Defense Workshops
Kids Karate in RI
Johnston Kids Karate Classes

Kids karate in RI looks different in every school.  Our school gets the best out of every student that walks in the door, and every student is part of our family.  Character, discipline, and skill is emphasized in a positive way to tap into the potential of each student.  Our kids learn REAL skill that yield's REAL self-confidence that carries over into school and other parts of life.

We may be the only dojo in RI that is owned and operated by a certified, and employed Physical Education Teacher.  Sensei Michael Orsini is a PE teacher in the town of Lincoln and brings his teaching expertise to the mat. Michael teaches all the Johnston Kids Karate classes and makes sure that lessons are developmentally appropriate for all abilities.


Kids join karate schools for various reasons. Some join to learn how to deal with bullies and some join to gain self-confidence. Our Johnston Kids Karate Classes teach Martial Arts values such as focus, discipline, honesty and confidence through fun but meaningful instruction. Students learn real self-defense and conflict resolution that works. We stress that fighting isn't the only and most appropriate way to handle confrontation.


We establish a positive and respectful environment for kids to reach their potential. The goal is to carry these attributes outside the Dojo, into school, and other aspects of life.

Martial Arts is way of life and actually reinforces a humble and peaceful character. Come meet our family and see why families like the Kenpo-Kobudo Way...

Kids Karate in RI

Johnston Adult Martial Art Classes

Our Adult Martial Arts classes build upon the principles observed in the Kids Karate program, while providing the tools and techniques needed to EFFECTIVELY defend one’s life and family.  Though we teach a form of Kenpo, our style is a complete system with a blend of efficient techniques that may seem familiar to Jiu- Jitsu, Judo, Traditional Karate and BJJ.  Though there is no perfect martial art in existence,  Kenpo-Kobudo Karate is very well rounded and provides many opportunities for various body types and abilities to be successful in different self-defense situations.

RI Self-Defense Center - Self-Defense Programs In Johnston, RI

Johnston Self- Defense and Women's Self-Defense  

Daughter going to college? Do you work late night? Want to organize a great Team Building opportunity for you employees through a Corporate Self-Defense Workshop? The need for men and women to protect themselves is real.  Many people do not have time to commit themselves to training 3 days a week for years, but do want to learn how to defend themselves. 


Come to StreetWise Wednesdays, our comprehensive self-protection program serving the RI area. Classes are every Wednesday at 7:15pm and we break it down to what works in various scenarios. We can even come to you!


We also offer some of the best Self-Defense and Women's Self-Defense workshops in RI.  Customize a 1,2, or 3 class seminar series that best suites your needs.  Private and group sessions are available.  We are happy to help you in a relaxed environment. We can even come to you.  Book your workshop today.  

Our Martial Arts in RI

Our Dojo provides some of the most affordable Self-Defense and Karate in RI.  We do not use contracts because we feel that people at our school train because they want to, not because they are legally bound to.  All of our karate and martial arts classes in Johnston maintain a very intimate student to Instructor ratio.  Classes usually have no more than 15 students at a time and have at least 2-4 Instructors at all times.    All of our Instructors  are certified and have credible lineage.  Our program speaks for itself and has done so for the past 30 YEARS….. 

Those who say karate is not practical have not trained at this dojo. Starting with blocks, punches, and kicks, students' progress to locks, breaks, throws, and takedowns. These skills are augmented with escapes, diversions, defense against multiple attacks, and street survival tactics. This is why we are one of the best karate schools in Rhode Island.

While traditional Kobudo refers generally to weapons like the sword and farming tools like staves, nunchaku, sai, kama, and tonfa. Modern Kobudo also embraces the instruments of protection afforded by our culture and teaches the use and defense of sticks and edged weapons for self-protection.

About Us

Our Dojo was founded by Grand Master Soke Eugene Coutu, 10th Degree Black Belt, in 1987 as Kenpo-Kobudo Karate. In 2009, Soke-Dai Michael Orsini, 7th Degree Black Belt, took over the dojo and changed the name of the School to RI Self-Defense Center, though our principal style is still Kenpo-Kobudo Karate we now do other forms of training as well (jiu-jitsu, grappling, weapon defense, women's self-defense, and Street Wise Self-Defense).  Michael Orsin continues Soke Coutu's tradition of instilling real confidence and moral values through practical and realistic self-defense training.


RI Self-Defense Center has small class sizes and teacher to student rations, no yearly contracts and no gimmicks.  We believe every student can succeed with time, practice, hard work and patience.  We take pride in our students and consider them family.  Come see what we are about!

What our students say about us..

"This school offers everything you might need.  The best karate school in RI! They have self-defense classes for adults, kids karate, and Kenpo classes for the family.  The instructors are friendly and awesome at what they do!"--Stefania

"I took a self defense class with a couple of co-workers, and it was great class ! Mike took the time to educate us, and explained everything ! He demonstrated techniques and made sure everyone was doing it correct before moving on. I learned a lot from just one class, and look forward to going again. I highly recommend !!" - Courtney

"Great place to learn martial arts by a great instructor. Most of all, he is great with kids. My little guy has taken right to his techniques and loves it. This place is the real deal." - Jayson

"Best in the state. Firm and kind instructors. Sensei Mike has been such a wonderful leader/role model for my daughter. He is patient but also pushes her skills. Classes have improved her self esteem, self discipline, and given me MUCH peace of mind to know my daughter can defend herself. Mike has a great sense of humor and makes the classes fun for the students."--Taylor

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