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Diploma, Adult Karate Class in Greenville, RI



Diploma, Adult Karate Class in Greenville, RI



Group of Women Students, Adult Karate Class in Greenville, RI


Tradition of Excellence since 1987

  RI Self-Defense Center has a rich tradition of teaching some of the best martial arts in RI since 1987.  Our reputation amongst the CREDIBLE Martial Arts community speaks for itself.  Whether you are looking adult martial arts, kids karate, women’s self-defense or tactical fighting in the Rhode Island area, our credible and knowledgeable Instructors can meet your needs in a safe and respectful environment.

Children's Classes

Kids Karate Program: Ages 5-6 and older learn fundamentals such as stance, posture, striking, kicking, blocking and free sparring.  In addition to these aspects, students will also learn avoidance strategies and verbal skills to deal with bullying.  We take pride in our child students and through hard work and practice, they in turn, learn to take pride of themselves.  Our dojo facilitates the development of Character, Discipline, Focus, and Respect in a FUN and SAFE manner.

Adult Classes

Our adult program builds upon the principles observed in the Kids Karate program, while providing the tools and techniques needed to EFFECTIVELY defend one’s life and family.  Though we teach a form of Kenpo, our style is a complete system with a blend of efficient techniques that may seem familiar to Jiu- Jitsu, Judo, Traditional Karate and BJJ.  Though there is no perfect martial art in existence,  Kenpo-Kobudo Karate is very well rounded and provides many opportunities for various body types and abilities to be successful in different self-defense situations.

Our Martial Arts

Our Dojo provides some of the most affordable Self-Defense and Karate in RI.  We do not use contracts because we feel that people at our school train because they want to, not because they are legally bound to.  We do not offer birthday parties and though some schools do, we do not feel that Martial Arts should be exploited in order to obtain more students.  In addition, our classes maintain a very intimate student to Instructor ratio.  Classes usually have no more than 15 students at a time and have at least 2-4 Instructors at all times.  We are not a McDojo, we do not teach back flips and we do not use car dealership-like gimmicks to sell our system.  All of our Sensei are certified and have credible lineage.  Our program speaks for itself and has done so for the past 27 YEARS…..

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Hours of Operation: Monday–Thursday, 6 p.m.–9 p.m.
Saturday Instruction by Appointment Only

Serving Providence, Johnston, Cranston, Smithfield, and North Smithfield

About Us

RI Self-Defense Center in Johnston, Rhode Island, was founded by Grandmaster Soke Eugene Coutu 10th Degree black belt in 1987. In 2009, Soke-Dai Michael Orsini, 6th degree black belt took over RI Self-Defense Center and continues Grandmaster Soke Couto's tradition of real self confidence and moral value through practical and realistic self-defense martial arts classes. RI Self-Defense Center has small class ratios, no monthly contract, and affordable monthly rates. Our focus is to develop each of our students to their peak ability. There are no gimmics, lengthy contracts, or sales pitches.